Creating A More Productive Environment

Creating A More Productive Environment

How Hosted VoIP Compares to a Standard Telephone System

Doris Roberts

When installing a business phone system, it is important to understand the various options that you can choose from. When it comes to business phone systems, you can install a standard phone system, or you can install a hosted VoIP system. Read on to understand the differences between these two systems.

The Cost

With a standard telephone line, your local calls will be free. However, you will be charged a call rate for all long-distance and international calls. This can really add to the cost of your phone system, as many people use cell phones from different area codes and you are likely to need to make long-distance calls for business.

With a hosted VoIP system, the rate that you pay per call is either free or very low — regardless of if you are making a local or long-distance call — as you are using the internet to make the call.

The Quality

With a standard telephone line, you should be able to enjoy high-quality audio when you are on the phone. You shouldn't have issues with calls dropping or with low-quality sound on the phone.

With a hosted VoIP system, you should enjoy sound quality equal to that of a standard phone. With some VoIP systems, you may even enjoy better sound quality than you would with a traditional phone line.

System Integration

With a regular phone system, you can't integrate with other systems. Your phone system will stand alone and function on its own.

With a hosted VoIP phone service, you can take your phone service and integrate it with other systems. You can enjoy things such as email, instant messaging, and video calls, all of which are connected to your VoIP phone number and business line.

System Mobility

With a traditional phone line, you can use a cordless phone, and get a signal within your building. However, your phone activity is limited to the building where you are making your phone calls.

With a hosted VoIP system, you can make phone calls in the office with your traditional set-up, or you can access your phone system from a tablet, cellphone, or computer. You can literally answer and use your business number anywhere you can connect to the internet.

System Maintenance

With a traditional phone line, after the telephone company installs the phone line, taking care of that phone line is up to you. You will need to take care of hardware and maintenance for that hardware.

With a hosted or managed VoIP, generally, all your maintenance and upgrades to the system are taken care of.

Now that you understand some of the basic differences between a standard business phone line and VoIP systems, you can determine which is the best configuration for your business needs.


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