Creating A More Productive Environment

Creating A More Productive Environment

How To Increase The Physical Security Of Your Home Business

Doris Roberts

Many people start a home business without considering the security risks. Understand that doing business from home increases the possibility of someone gaining access to your equipment, data, or other business assets. Here's how you can figure out just how much security you may need for your home business.

Do Your Own Risk Analysis of Your Home Business

Large businesses do risk assessment and management, and you can do a smaller-scale version for your home business. Start by listing all of your business assets. Then think of all the possible risks they can suffer from.

For example, consider if you bought and sold rare coins from your garage. You'll likely have many valuable coins, as well as equipment to facilitate sales. That can include a laptop, a printer, and various other tools for running your business. In addition, you may have singular items you use to examine coins, price them, and verify their authenticity.

So you know what you have, and you know what your items are worth. What are the possible risks to them?

  • Theft of equipment
  • Theft of physical data
  • Theft of digital data
  • Damage from vandalism

These are examples. Your specific setup will inform you of what types of risks to look out for. Considering these risks, you should then figure out how much it may cost you in revenue and business if they were to occur.

And don't assume all risks will come at the hands of vandals and others. Since you're doing business from home, there's the possibility of children, friends, and others in the home causing damage to your business assets.

By now you should know the risks and the possible costs associated with them. With this information, you can start to implement measures to lower or eliminate those risks.

What Risk Management Has to Do With Physical Security

You may notice many of the risks you find have to do with someone gaining physical access to where you do business. You'll have to ask if investing in security measures will cost you less over time than the cost of one of those risks actually happening.

Usually, security measures will offer you and your business more value than the alternative. Luckily, you have a tremendous amount of options available to you.

Alarm systems – You can have an alarm system in place that activates whenever someone enters or attempts to enter your business space. In addition, you can make use of IP alarm technology so you will receive an alert on your phone or other mobile device when the alarm triggers.

Camera systems – A small camera inside or outside of your business space can let you know when someone has entered. Again, you can use an IP solution that allows for remote monitoring of your business space.

Combining these security options with a good old-fashioned door or electronic lock will lower a large amount of risk. Speak to an alarm systems professional at a company like Tele-Plus about what security alarm equipment can work best for your specific home business setup.


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